Sequestration…..incredibly…..will achieve what no one believed possible. Less.



The federal bureaucracy had made themselves invulnerable to ordinary budget reform. Because of their unions, by their seniority rules, thru the sheer size and mass of their omnipresent fingers being in every federal pie, the walls to stop any kind of downsizing were made impenetrable. Presidents came and went and so did thousands of Congress-folk….none could touch the federal bureaucrat’s longevity. Any attempt to reduce the federal behemoth was stopped by the beast itself. The politics of shrinking the government was always made deadly to any politician or political party who attempted to do the deed.

Until now.

In a joint agreement between the 2 major political parties, likely made some years ago, where the blame is left clouded and no one is exactly sure how it actually came to pass….federal employees Will Soon Be Furloughed.

Think about it.

It’s never happened before and could not ever have happened under “normal” circumstances. But very soon…. the federal government will be Less. Less.

It’s a start.

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