Navy SEAL who killed OBL out of the Navy…and “has no landing pad in civilian life.”


“Enough people connected to the SEALs and the bin Laden mission have confirmed  for me that the Shooter was the “number two” behind the raid’s point man going  up the stairs to bin Laden’s third-floor residence, and that he is the one who  rolled through the bedroom door solo and confronted the surprisingly tall  terrorist pushing his youngest wife, Amal, in front of him through the  pitch-black room. The Shooter had to raise his gun higher than he expected.

The point man is the only one besides the Shooter who could verify the kill  shots firsthand, and he did just that to another SEAL I spoke with. But even the  point man was not in the room then, having tackled two women into the hallway, a  crucial and heroic decision given that everyone living in the house was presumed  to be wearing a suicide vest.

But a series of confidential conversations, detailed descriptions of mission  debriefs, and other evidence make it clear: The Shooter’s is the most definitive  account of those crucial few seconds, and his account, corroborated by multiple  sources, establishes him as the last man to see Osama bin Laden alive. Not in  dispute is the fact that others have claimed that they shot bin Laden when he  was already dead, and a number of team members apparently did just that.

What is much harder to understand is that a man with hundreds of successful  war missions, one of the most decorated combat veterans of our age, who capped  his career by terminating bin Laden, has no landing pad in civilian life.”

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