Syria’s civil war has become a trade school teaching Advanced Jihad. The graduates will return home “battle-hardened, traumatized and radicalized”


“As the situation in Syria has worsened, foreign jihadists have flocked to Syria to join what they consider a holy war to replace Assad’s regime with an Islamic state in Syria. Most of the foreign fighters are Arabs from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and other countries.

Late Thursday, the chief of the Netherlands’ top intelligence agency warned that dozens of Dutch citizens are fighting with Syria’s rebels and could return home battle-hardened, traumatized and radicalized.

General Intelligence and Security Service chief Rob Bertholee told the Dutch show Nieuwsuur that hundreds of people from around Europe and dozens from the Netherlands have travelled to Syria to join rebels fighting Assad.

He said propaganda romanticizing the civil war is helping draw foreigners into Syria’s maelstrom of violence.

Syria’s crisis began with peaceful protests in March 2011 and evolved into a civil war as the opposition took up arms to fight a government crackdown on dissent. The U.N. said last month that more than 60,000 people have been killed in the conflict.”

Source: AP

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