UN condemns Iran: Between Jan. & Aug. of 2012, more than 300 people were executed in Iran. In that same time frame, Chicago recorded 356 homicides.



The UN General Assembly on Thursday condemned Iran for repeated human rights violations.

Supporting the condemnation were 86 countries, with 32 opposing the move. Sixty-five countries abstained in the vote.

In October, Ahmed Shaheed, the UN special rapporteur for human rights in Iran, reported that between January and August of 2012, more than 300 people were executed in Iran. Shaheed also reported that ethnic minorities, women, and homosexuals face continually worsening conditions.

The Iranian UN ambassador, Mohammad Khazaee, rejected the claims that Iran is guilty of human rights violations, and accused the US and Canada of “exerting political pressure, to which Tehran will not give in.”

Source: timesofisrael.com

But wait…shouldn’t the UN also condemn Chicago?


RedEyeChicago.com runs a monthly tally of killings, as The New American reported late last month. On August 27, RedEye reported that Chicago had tallied 51 homicides for August, thanks to the weekend of killings.

That means the “city has recorded 356 homicides so far this year, 29 percent more homicides than were logged at the same time last year,” the website reported. Last year, Chicago did not post 350 homicides until Oct. 23, the website reported.

While the city has suffered 51 homicides so far in August, the website noted, “Two months this year have seen 50 or more homicides: March, which saw 50, and May, which saw 51. One month last year saw more than 50 homicides: July 2011, which saw 55 homicides.”

When The New American published its story about homicides in the city, it had posted 37 for July. By the month’s end, another 11 homicides were recorded, bringing the the body count up to 48.

The figures for 2012 are truly grim: 40 murders in January, 28 in February, 50 in March, 41 in April, 51 in May, and 47 in June.

The New American estimated that Chicago might well reach 504 homicides, or 42 per month, if the monthly average at that time continued. But with another 11 homicides before July closed, another 51 this month, that prediction might be too optimistic.

Thus far, at 356 murders, the average is 1.48 per day. At that rate, by year’s end the number of homicides could top 540, a 25 percent increase over the total for 2011, 433.

Source: thenewamerican.com

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