“Netanyahu’s dilemma: Back Obama’s save Hamas policy, or fight for its downfall with Egypt and Saudis”

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis July 28, 2014 Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu entangled himself Saturday and Sunday, July 26-27,  in the net he had cast to blur the effect of the unanimous decision by the security-political cabinet of Friday to turn down the ceasefire proposals proposed by US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon…. (more)

As the End Game draws near, Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal in Qatar is fat, dumb and happy.

  “The Western diplomats and Palestinian Authority officials who met  Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal in Qatar Sunday were amazed to hear him assert that Hamas was winning the war.” Senior IDF commanders said Wednesday July 23 that the time had come for a decisive war move. Breaking up the Hamas’ subterranean tunnels would take… (more)

War Objective: Military takeover of Gaza Strip. 75,000 Israeli soldiers now engaged.

The IDF’s Sajaiya operation in the Gaza Strip continues apace, carried forward by five task forces now heading for the center of Gaza City amid casualties on both sides. Sunday, July 20, Israel’s crack Golani Brigades lost 18 fighters, without slowing down, compared with 170 Palestinian fatalities. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that each task force,… (more)

“Great. Now We’ve Got Presidential Attention Deficit Disorder.”

Here’s one big question: Will we still be talking about Ukraine and Israel/Hamas at the end of the week? Or will some other part of the world — or perhaps our own border — blow up then, pushing Ukraine and everything else back to the inside pages? Remember those kidnapped schoolgirls? Remember how releasing the… (more)

“Hamas turned Gaza into a terror tunnel. They didn’t build kindergartens, or parks or hotels or industry there. Just a murdering machine. Our murder.”

Hushed, determined Israel in a war ‘for our home’ Op-ed: We are joined in common horror at the evidence of Hamas’s war-to-the-death strategy, and we know we must prevail BY DAVID HOROVITZ July 21, 2014, What we are now starting to call “attack tunnels” are being discovered all the time — long, sophisticated underground passages, dug out… (more)


RELATED TOPICS OPERATION PROTECTIVE EDGE GAZA STRIP IDF ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES Thousands of Israeli soldiers backed by tanks poured into the Gaza Strip on Thursday night, escalating a 10-day military operation to try to destroy Hamas’s weapons arsenal, rocket firing abilities and tunnels used to send terrorists from the Palestinian territory into Israel. The goal… (more)

There’s a city beneath Gaza City. But only for “top Hamas military personnel, Hamas bigwigs, affluent Gazans, foreign citizens and professionals.”

The IDF, while hammering the Gaza Strip night after night, has not achieved a single tactical victory. Destroying the Hamas war room would serve this purpose. DEBKAfile‘s military and intelligence sources note that finding and destroying underground structures is a daunting challenge, which is why Hamas has sunk its resources for fighting Israel deep below the… (more)

Egypt-Israel cooperation the key to ending Hamas rule in Gaza

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s ceasefire ploy Tuesday, July 15, instead of calming the violence in Gaza, unleashed a furious spate of 140 rockets from the Gaza Strip, which drew dozens of Israel air strikes after a six-hour lull in operations. By the end of the eighth day of Operation Defensive Edge, the Israeli security cabinet… (more)

Hamas spokesperson – “We aren’t leading our people today to destruction. We are leading them to death.”

Play video Hamas spokesperson, Sami Abu Zuhri, says of Hamas’ policy during Operation Protective Edge: “We aren’t leading our people today to destruction. We are leading them to death.” Abu Zuhri also admitted… 00:00:16 Added on 7/14/14 Morning Jolt . . . with Jim Geraghty July 14, 2014 Hamas, Israel, and the Convenience of ‘Militant… (more)

Netanyahu unleashed: “Nobody should mess with us.”

  BY DAVID HOROVITZ  July 13, 2014 (Excerpt) Uncertainties were swept aside on Friday afternoon, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for the first time in ages, gave a press conference on Day Four of Operation Protective Edge. He spoke only in Hebrew, and we are in the middle of a mini-war, so his non-directly war-related remarks didn’t get… (more)

Kill some Jews: Thousands of rockets in the air, where they land Hamas don’t care.

Hamas must be stopped. This is a moral imperative for free people everywhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCbyCQlczLc

The Obama Presidency – A look back at our transformation

JULY 8, 2014 4:00 AM Our Roost, Obama’s Chickens From the Middle East to Russia to our own southern border, Obama’s bills are coming due. By Victor Davis Hanson “No president since World War II has done more to harm the U.S. Constitution — by ordering the executive branch not to enforce particular laws, by… (more)

LIVE BLOG – “Israel launched a major operation against Gaza in the early hours of Tuesday morning”

Israel launched a major operation against Gaza in the early hours of Tuesday morning, following heavy Hamas rocket fire on Monday, and 1,500 reservists were called up ahead of a possible widened offensive. Stay with The Times of Israel’s news liveblog for updates throughout the daY. Read more: Israel launches ‘Protective Edge’ counteroffensive on Gaza, Hamas… (more)

“Al Qaeda-Iraq forces advance on Baghdad military air base. US ponders air strike ahead of Iran and Russia”

Al Qaeda-Iraq forces advance on Baghdad military air base. US ponders air strike ahead of Iran and Russia DEBKAfile  Exclusive Report  July 4, 2014 Sukhoi SU-25 warplane in Baghdad (Excerpt) Al Qaeda Iraq (IS) and its Sunni tribal allies are advancing on the al-Muthanna military air base at Baghdad international airport, according to the latest intelligence dated… (more)

July 2, 2014 – Quinnipiac Poll: “Plurality of Public Now Says Obama Is An Asshole”

July 2, 2014 – Obama Is First As Worst President Since WWII, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; More Voters Say Romney Would Have Been Better “President Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II, 33 percent of American voters say in a Quinnipiac University National Poll released today. Another 28 percent pick President… (more)

“Rest in peace, my son. We will learn to sing without you, but we’ll always hear your voice inside of us.”

People from across the country poured into the towns of Talmon, Nof Ayalon, and Elad. Standing in direct sunlight for hours, mourners’ sweat mixed with tears as politicians, rabbis, and family members memorialized the three boys. Fraenkel’s friends said that for the past two weeks they had clung to a thread of hope that they would… (more)



“King Abdullah calls up Saudi armed forces on high preparedness. Egyptian troops ready to fly to kingdom”

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 26, 2014   Saudi special operations force on the ready “The Iraqi battle arena is become a veritable Babel of war. So far, six countries are involved in varying degrees: the US, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.” (Excerpt)  Thursday, June 26, the day before US Secretary of State John Kerry was due… (more)

“Hillary Clinton discussed at some length her defense of the child rapist, and in the course of that discussion she bragged and laughed about the case, implied she had known her client was guilty”

   As voters are presented with the airbrushed version of Hillary over the next 2 years, they must somehow be allowed to see behind State media’s curtain. People must be made aware of this woman’s vile cynicism. This piece by Matthew Continetti is a good start. JUNE 21, 2014 12:00 AMHillary’s Child-Rapist DefenseIt’s most definitely… (more)

Democrat ex-Gov. — “Don’t hold this against me, but I’m going to blurt it out. How do I say this . . . men in the South, they are a little effeminate”

Governor Brian Schweitzer, Making Alan Grayson Look Polite and Respectful Hey, remember when GOP Congressman and aspiring senator Todd Akin suddenly was a national figure that every member of his party had to ritually denounce a thousand times before the cameras? Wouldn’t it be something if, say, every controversial lawmaker was treated that way? In an in-depth… (more)

New NBC/WSJ Poll – 54 percent said that Obama “cannot lead and get the job done”

The single most depressing number for President Obama in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll The new national poll from NBC and the Wall Street Journal is stuffed with bad news for President Obama. His job approval rating — 41 percent — is as low as it has ever been. Four in ten Americans say the performance of his… (more)

6.16.2014: Washington Post editorial – ” This is a mess of President Obama’s making.”

Obama loses WAPO as they lay the Iraq debacle squarely at His door.Obama’s Iraq disasterMARC A. THIESSEN June 16 – In 2011, the situation in Iraq was so good that the Obama administration was actually trying to take credit for it, with Vice President Joe Biden declaring that Iraq “could be one of the great achievements… (more)

Israel being drawn into spreading MidEast War, prepares to launch “Operation Our Brothers Come Home” in response to the disappearing of 3 Israeli boys.

UPDATED 6-30-2014 Bodies of three kidnapped teens found Bodies of Eyal Yifrach, Gil-ad Shaar and Naftali Fraenkel, who were kidnapped on June 12, found bound and hurriedly buried in a field north of Hebron; cabinet set to meet in emergency session to discuss response Read more: The Times of Israel | News from Israel, the Middle… (more)

Political Earthquake. House Majority leader Eric Cantor loses primary to Prof. Dave Brat.

“One recent poll showed a potential tightening of the race, but with Cantor still ahead by double digits. And yet…the sitting House Majority Leader got blown out in a race everyone expected him to win comfortably.” MORE @ http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2014/06/10/earthquake-eric-cantor-loses-primary-to-unheralded-underfunded-tea-party-challenger-n1850060

IRAQ ON THE BRINK – June 11 2014

UPDATED 6.11.204 The Iraq government teeters on the brink of collapse this evening as Islamic jihadists led by a warlord considered ‘more virulent and violent than Osama bin Laden’ took control of a second city in as many days. In a spectacular blow to the Shiite-led government, the militants of the Islamic State of Iraq… (more)

The fire in Syria that burns on out of control is about to get hotter.

IDF gets set to target 50,000 Al Qaeda fighters piling up around Israel in Syria and Iraq DEBKAfile Special Report June 9, 2014, 9:11 PM (IDT) IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz’s cryptic remark Monday, June 6, that “The Israeli Air Force will next month dramatically change its mode of operation,” meant that a decision… (more)

Obama chews gum throughout D-Day ceremonies. World reacts with anger and disgust.

Update: Obama was caught on camera chewing gum while clapping during the welcome for Her Majesty the Queen. He kept chewing throughout the ceremonies, also managing to anger France. French twitter blew up (not to mention British and American reaction): Read Reactions Here  —-> http://weaselzippers.us/188765-obama-chomps-on-gum-during-d-dad-anniversary-event/

70 years ago – Never Forget D-Day

  JUNE 6, 2014  Never Forget What Happened on D-Day  “Never forget why they were there, especially the more than 2,500 Americans who died,most on Omaha Beach. They were there because during the Thirties the Western democracies had abdicated their moral and cultural obligation to defend freedom and fight tyranny. They decided that the way to… (more)

“What we’re going to see under progressive rule is the impoverishment of America across the board.”

Title: America: Imagine a World without Her Author: Dinesh D’Souza   (Excerpt)   Benjamin Weingarten: In your book, you take on the left on their own terms, focusing on those at the bottom of society, or as the left describes it, looking at “history from below.” Why did you choose to go that route? D’Souza: The left is very… (more)

“We can’t be governed like this. Shameless lies about life-and-death matters erode the consent of the governed”

American Government Needs to Become Reacquainted With the Truth We can’t be governed like this. Shameless lies about life-and-death matters erode the consent of the governed. The president wants to empty out Guantanamo Bay by the time he leaves office, and perhaps as soon as by the end of the year. As the Obama administration sees… (more)

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